Standardisation is* dead.

* (and) should be.

A more interesting and exciting world

Kalle is the creative director of Kick Ass Management, a brand consultancy helping it’s clients to create kick ass solutions to generate measurably better business and building a brands that both engines emotion and motivates their team.

”Modern society is built upon standardisation and conforming to the norm, to provide the skills that where required in the industrial era in the 18th and 19th century. Then it was needed. Today it’s in the way of unlocking our potential as humans, teams, brands and companies. We’re all completely different from each other, so why would we conform to the same ways of doing things?” – Kalle


”It’s so easy to fall in love with Kalle! What a passion! :)”

– Manager at Folksam Insurance Company

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About Kalle

Kalle is a keynote speaker, consultant and creative director of the creative consulting agency Kick Ass Management.

Speaking & consulting

Kalle’s high-energy, storytelling based approach has consistently has generated a lot of great feedback and an impressive client list.